Curving the Rules! Plus-size male models…the New Normal!

Curving the Rules!
Plus-size male models…the New Normal!

Source: Times of India

In the world of fashion, which is so obsessed and besotted with displaying the perfect body image, it’s tough to find models who people can relate to. Size zero for women and a six-pack for men, that’s how things work in the fashion industry. However, with the news of a top international modelling agency taking on the first ever plus-size male model, Zach Miko, it seems like things may change for good. The reason being, while plus-size female models have been around for the past few years, it was only this year that avenues opened up for male models. While international runways and print campaigns may be featuring plus-size men, India is a little late to follow suit.

At 104 kilos and almost six feet, Aru Verma may not look like your proverbial model. Yet Aru, an actor, dabbles as a model for a popular brand for plus-size clothing. While acting is his love, modelling happened by chance. He says, “I had never thought of being a model. With the body that I have, I didn’t think it was likely. I am an actor. A friend of mine recommended my name to the brand when they were planning their campaign, and on a lark, I went and auditioned for it. They liked me and I’ve modelled for them in their last two campaigns.”

Plus size male models, times of India, imforstyleAnd while Aru hasn’t walked the runway yet, he says he wouldn’t mind if presented with the opportunity. “I was a bit sceptical at first being known as a plus-size model, but then I am an actor by trade and in our craft, we need to attempt all kinds of situations and roles. So, if I get a chance to walk the ramp, especially after this article, why not!” he exclaims.
Actor and model Aalekh Kapoor, who has done print campaigns as well as ads, says he hasn’t seen any plus-size models on the circuit, but thinks having someone who doesn’t sport the proverbial six-packs would be a good thing. “There are all sorts of people in the world. It would be a welcome change to see someone who is relatable to the general public,” he shares.

 Rahul Nair, who runs an international modelling agency, says they don’t hire plus-size models. However, he does say that there is a market for them in India. “Mostly, we get calls from garment companies who want big people to feature in their print campaigns for both ethnic and western wear, but we don’t have any on our roster. We only deal with international models,” he says, adding that he hasn’t seen any on the runway either.


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