7 Men’s Fashion Trends to know in 2016. Be Fashion Forward!

Latest on Men’s Fashion…if you want to stand out in a crowd!

Having travelled recently to one of the world’s fashion capitals intrigued the style senses with early signs of what is going to set men apart in the upcoming fashion season. From Street style to merchandise windows at haute fashion streets in London, I’m for Style spotted these 7 Fashion trends for men who wish to always play their own game.

A broad stance of the styling study revealed that as the lines between casual and dress/formal wear blur the focus is shifting more on blending relaxed-comfort-casual looks with stylish-luxurious-suave style statements.

So, if you are someone who dares to be different, has the style sense to stand out in a crowd then this post is especially for you. Men read on the 7 hot & cool (not so bizarre) fashion-style trends and flash your fashion forwardness! (more…)

5 Things on Men that are sure shot ‘Conversation starters’

In  the ‘Tinder’ times!… as they call it, don’t get swiped to the left 😉 

Lets give you 5 Things on Men that are sure shot ‘Conversation starters’…because there is nothing more erotic than a good conversation!

The starting point of all relationships is a conversation. Numerous blogs give you sane and weird advice to stay in the game…but no one ever told you what we are going to… We suggest a rather simple and more stylish formula. Have something on you thats too compelling to resist! Let others make the first move while you bask in the glory of your sense of style.

Doing all the thinking for you awesome men while you were at work we came out with a list of 5 things that are sure to get you compliments and start a conversation.

#1 | A Good Watch

A watch serves as an accessory or piece of jewellery in hands of a suave gentleman. Whether it is a Smart watch, an Old-fashioned or one that spells luxury or maybe one with a unique dial… it is definitely going to get you the due attention.

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#1 Conversation Starter

# 2 | A Fit Bod


The Monk Strap Shoes

Fashionable and Flashy- The Monk Strap Shoes

The Monk Strap shoe is also commonly referred to as the ‘most advanced’ dress shoe. Rakish, daunting, debonair, fashionable, flashy are some adjectives that associate well with this shoe type.

According to Wikipedia the ‘Monk strap’ falls in the ‘moderately formal’ category of shoes and is considered less formal than the full oxford but more than the open derby shoe.

This shoe style is trending in popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom currently (according to google trends) with interest over time showing an upward graph.

A trickle down from the fashion hubs the style is surely making its way into most of the world geographies to reach the style conscious men who are not wanting to skip this strong going trend.

Display windows across cities have the ‘Monk Strap’ shoe prominently set to lure its fashion forward men clients.

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The New Color Code for 2016

colors 2016, pantone, style, mens style, inspiration, color inspirationIts celebration time! Welcoming the ‘arrival of spring’ with the new bloom and bidding farewell to cold monochromatic days. Its time for the ‘festival of colours’ (Holi) here in India and there is no better time to talk COLOR‘. 

The colors for 2016, how to wear them and what to pair them with…I am going to unfold all this and more in this blog post.

Who decides what the color of the year is?