5 Things on Men that are sure shot ‘Conversation starters’

In  the ‘Tinder’ times!… as they call it, don’t get swiped to the left 😉 

Lets give you 5 Things on Men that are sure shot ‘Conversation starters’…because there is nothing more erotic than a good conversation!

The starting point of all relationships is a conversation. Numerous blogs give you sane and weird advice to stay in the game…but no one ever told you what we are going to… We suggest a rather simple and more stylish formula. Have something on you thats too compelling to resist! Let others make the first move while you bask in the glory of your sense of style.

Doing all the thinking for you awesome men while you were at work we came out with a list of 5 things that are sure to get you compliments and start a conversation.

#1 | A Good Watch

A watch serves as an accessory or piece of jewellery in hands of a suave gentleman. Whether it is a Smart watch, an Old-fashioned or one that spells luxury or maybe one with a unique dial… it is definitely going to get you the due attention.

Men, watch, relationship, style, fashion

#1 Conversation Starter

# 2 | A Fit Bod

This one really tops the charts and the oomph factor is sure going to keep your conversations going and compliments flowing.

Men, fitness, health, relationship, style, fashion


# 3| Something Antique / Vintage

Be the talk of the town! Antiques are always a fascination; a vintage camera lens, pipe, steering wheel, pocket watch, centuries old fountain pen or if you can splurge…then a car!

Men, vintage, antique, collection, relationship, style, fashion, tinder

#3 Conversation Starter

Style Tip: Know what you are carrying and the facts about your vintage possession…and be a story teller!

#4 A Worth Read

“Books are uniquely portable magic.”- Stephen King

In today’s busy world where everyone is constantly on the move…travelling and wanting to explore the unexplored, a book in your hand can be the starting point for a beautiful, mindful conversation with yourself as well as with others. It may help someone share their thoughts, question you, give you more insights and who knows the start may last a lifetime!

Men, Books, goodread, relationship, style, fashion

#4 Conversation Starter

#5 | Mark of Ink

This one thing…A Tattoo! has always fascinated me. Inked in moderation to tell a personality trait, what you feel strongly about or what you stand for; gives the observer a visual message and shares a clue to begin conversations.

Men, tattoo, relationship, style, fashion, tinder

#5 Conversation Starter

Wishing you happy conversations!

Let us know what more you wanna know.

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