‘Why’ we do what we do!

I’m for Style

…giving you scores of reasons to ‘live in style’

We are all beautiful…but are we all stylish? What is Style? We use the term so often without even completely realising its meaning…

Word ‘Style’ is always affirmative. Style sets us apart. 'Style' is about feeling good. It's is about the way the world experiences us. Style is about the way you dress, the way you behave and the way you live…a persona that makes you

Classic | Chic | Suave | Dapper | Sexy | Experimental | Uber Cool |


So what’s your style quotient? Don’t know yet…Do you wish to Revisit-Reinvent-Revive

If you say yes, we hope to help you inspire-implement-impress through this blog as ‘I’m for Style’ is primarily an initiative to make Men more stylish (Don't worry ladies…we do have a special section for you inquisitive art loving brains ‘SCIENCE BEHIND ART’).

What to look for…

In short, I’m for style is a ‘MEN STYLE’  blog sharing insights and inspiration through men style guides, menswear trends, styling tips, grooming guides, style quotes, facts and so much more. It's a platform to share ‘basics’ and spoil u with sneak peaks-market frenzy-what’s hot. Not just ideas and thoughts, it aims to give you new dimensions and lots of inspiration to be a more dapper gentleman.

The website also talks about 'Handlooms and Textiles' with a special section named ‘SCIENCE BEHIND ART’ of clothing sharing knowledge about traditional textiles, Indian weaves and where to get what...with initial prime focus on fabrics best suited for menswear.

Further, in the ‘STYLE OF THINGS’ piece which is inspired by the IOT (or Internet of Things) we  share our thoughts, news, and inspiration on everything stylish such as  Good Design, Travel Destinations (Wanderlust),  Wearable technology, Sustainable fashion and all that's in vogue.

Every idea is born with a dream and we have dreamt of making you look more Stylish. Let Style define ‘U’…dress up…look different…let this initiative enthuse you to step out in ‘Style’ each day!


Inspire others…lead your way to style…make this world a stylish place…join hands, like, share, tweet and let us know your thoughts. Write to us at iamforstyle@gmail.com


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Know the author...

Always keen on ‘Good Design and Style’ and an Academician at heart couldn’t think of a better way to connect and share my learnings with others and answer queries related to Men & Home Styling.

On the personal front I have been married for over 10 years and  am an avid traveller having explored places of interest near the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. A true Cancerian by sign makes me shy, introvert, intuitive, imaginative and someone who loves to make friends and is dependable.

Would love to connect with you, learn about you and help you for any queries regarding Textiles, Aesthetics, Design and Style. For feedbacks, suggestions, inputs feel free to write to me at iamforstyle@gmail.com.

“Every idea is born with a dream and we have dreamt to make you and your home look stylish”

-I’m for Style


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Digital Unlocked Certification-Aanchal