It’s Spring time!

Beautiful, colourful, fun-filled festival of Holi is here as a harbinger of Spring. To give us the que to shed those winter neutrals and adorn the fresh spring-summer vibes.

But, before you step into a wardrobe change for the next season…first let’s live the festival of colors with few precautions and lots of fun to welcome spring with open arms.

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First things first: SKIN CARE FOR MEN THIS HOLI

Hey Men…age is catching up and we want to alert you that you may have been carefree about your skin until now… but please take charge to regret the damage few years later.

The market it filled with commercialised- adulterated colors…even if you plan to go organic there are no quality checks to guarantee 100% organic colors. The colours can be harsh on your skin, give you cuts, cause irritation, impact natural texture, reduce suppleness and in some rare cases, cause permanent damage.

So, quickly here are few tips to lessen the impact on your sexy skin.

  1. OIL YOUR SCALP: Dab some oil on your palm and apply a light layer on your scalp and hair strands
  2. COAT YOUR NAILS: Borrow your girl’s transparent nail paint and coat your nails to avoid ending up with shabby nails for days post Holi.
  3. SUN SHIELD: Apply gel-based sunscreen as they will protect you from harsh sun rays and are easily absorbed by the skin (before step 4).
  4. MOISTURISE YOUR SKIN: Rub in a generous dose of moisturiser or oil (almond, olive or coconut) on all parts of the exposed skin (Face | Neck | Arms | Legs). Try and wear full length uppers and lowers if you really really care 🙂
  5. SAVE THOSE EYES: Save those lovelies with your sunglasses. Raise the fashion game!
  6. POST PLAY- LEMON CLEANSE: Post play don’t apply soap your skin directly. First, in a bowl take some flour and oil and with lemon slices pick this mixture and gently rub on affected areas. It will help remove the color gently.Post this treatment take your regular shower.skin care for holi, holi, skincare for men, imforstyle,


In this festival of colors…music is the soul!

So be ready with the ultimate holi playlist to set the pace and let the rhythm flow…

holi playlist, music for holi, bollywood holi songs,

Or to get in a quick Holi mood start with this…


Wear the classic, timeless combo…White shirt & Blue jeans. Want to make it more dramatic and in-sync with a theme…go the Rajasthani way (remember Ranveer’s attire in ‘Lahu Muh Lag Gaya’). Play with head gears / bandana and wrist bands to add a dash of bollywood ishtyle!

Inspiring Bollywood...

Bollywood Inspiration!

Be safe, take care and have an amazing festival with colors. Happy Holi!

Love, Aanchal

4 thoughts on “HOLI: SKIN CARE FOR MEN

  1. Thank you. The information and tips are quite useful will indeed help many on this festival of colors. Happy holi

  2. In Uk, I saw many Indians celebrating this festival and I also have some Indian friends and join them at the party thanks for sharing the helpful tips.

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