CES 2018: Our Top 5 picks for Futuristic Men

Top picks for Futuristic Men from CES 2018

CES 2018…was it whoa or didn’t impress to bow?

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Read below if you agree Alexa, Echo, 8K TVs, Smart home devices, tech behind wheels, VR equipments…are all old knowledge… and look forward to know the New Normal.

Let’s begin…

The global stage for innovation where concepts meet marketplace concluded with mixed feelings…showcasing gadgets from big brands to budding startups…some useful…others outlandishly impractical. In a linethere was more technology than humans really need at this moment!

It was all out there …the wacky, the innovative, the creative, the wearable, the smart, the fit-tech, the health-tech…at the ultimate consumer electronic show (CES 2018). Innovation and Futurism being the pulse, CES 2018 showcased numerous new products and features.

However, we know how time pressed you are and so @imforstyle brings to you the top 5 picks that we feel are best suited to be explored for your immediate needs.

Top Picks for Men @CES 2018

A: In Fitness and in Health!

First up if you are really determined to get fit this new year the technology is in full support. Better and more interactive than ever before.

#1: BlackBox VR:

Where your body is the controller and you are the hero! Winner of the CES 2018 Innovation award this sure adds more fun to fitness!

According to Lewis, Co-founder and COO, Black Box combines the addictive qualities of gaming and the power of immersive technologies with a patent-pending dynamic resistance machine to improve your fitness level and transform your life.


  • A fully immersive Virtual Reality gym experience
  • VR Boutique gyms with real resistance delivered virtually
  • Gear involves high-end virtual reality headset, hands-free wearable devices for hand position tracking and the Black Box Dynamic Resistance Machine.
  • Launch: you guessed it right…the Valley! Plans to open the 1st flagship Black Box Gym in early 2018 in San Francisco, California


Another active VR gear from ICAROS offers 30% more calorie burn, double muscle simulation and can be accessed in the comfort of your home. Concentrating on the plank position workouts helps stabilise major muscle groups and allows you to work on your reflexes.

Fit-tech’s are really putting thought to help you move your butt off that couch and add to up that fitness game…so are you ready to gamify your gym experience!

B: If the daily chores bore!

Helping men in everyday chores these folding robots can take some work off your to do list…but there is a price to pay!

#3: Laundroid & Foldimate two competitive products use hidden robotic arms and computer vision that identifies variants of clothes to fold the clothes in neat piles.

Here is a quick comparison  of the features we know as of now:

Feature Laundroid Foldimate
Usage Automatic: machine picks up the clothes feed and returns the folded garment after a due time Semi Automatic: manual feeding and clipping of clothes so you have to be present while machine does its work.
Time to fold a Garment 7 to 10 minutes 4 minutes
Items per Cycle 30 items- 4-5hrs cycle unlimited manual feed
Design direction Modern-chic- Aesthetic Basic
Concept Geo Japan California
Approx. cost $16000 $ 800-1000

Want a closer look at the products here are the product videos…

You can expect these products to hit the market only by next year…so if you are based out of a county where help is isn’t cheap and time is of value…wait some more buddy!

C: AI at play…real life can wait!

Chemistry has always been known to mankind to turn up the heat while taking a shower 😉 but if you are a loner… AI has you covered!

#4: ‘U’ by Moen- Smart Shower!

In the pool of endless parade of internet-connected smart home products, Moen’s Internet-connected shower named ‘U’ allows you to command your shower to start at your favourite temperature so that you can step into a nerve relaxing aura. 

Alexa would come handy for this one 😉

D: Life is a game…lets play on!

Lots and lots of solutions for gaming fanatics…from helping to keep connections stable, enhancing gaming displays, better all-round experience to efficient charging solutions and much more. There was a plethora to absorb…because they care about you more than anyone else…Gaming fanatics!

#5: Gaming gears and equipments

Multiple solutions from Razor, Vive (HTC) VR gear and more packed up in this video….

To sum-up, Internet of Things (IoT), futurism, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, connected cars and gadgets has permeated every aspect of human life and our desire for newer, bigger, and improved capabilities is only pitching a stylish on-demand future!

A Power cut of few hours definitely did not impact the brilliance of innovation at the CES 2018, but the irony remains…  while there have been multiple leaps in technology…we sometimes leave the base uncovered. Is it a sign…a reflection that we need to slow down and be alive in the present!  Happy to hear your thoughts…

Hope this article saved your time to get a round up of picks you really needed to know from CES 2018.



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  1. Technology as said keeps on changing at an insane speed. To predict it is a great job. Bang on! Wishes !

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