2017 Summer must haves for Men


Clothes get lighter.

Tans gets darker.

Drinks get cooler.

Music gets louder.

Nights get longer.

Closets get brighter.

 3 Absolute Must Haves for a smooth sail this Summer!

Summer 2017 is yearning for some fun and leisure goals to be attained…so we give you a list of the 3 menswear must have trends this season. All in your palm to help you save the hassle of research  and let you stand out as an early adopter rather than a late riser.

#1 |  A Hawaiian Shirt

Its Summer time! and the Hawaiian Shirt trending this season gives you the right node to play quirky, cheerful & charismatic. Lets inspire you to wear this trend this summer.

Our take…go with the Leaf & Palm tree prints and if its a print with pineapples even better. (Manly… the better!)

Its no longer labelled as just a vacation shirt! The unique, fun and summer fresh feel of Aloha that the Hawaiians bring with them this season are all thanks to the runway shows from major fashion houses that have introduced ways to beat the ‘Polo-Chinos’ monotony in casual dressing for Men.

Oh… and please avoid the ones in Polyester / Nylon fabrics as they tend to stick to your skin in this sultry weather. Choose from Cotton, Rayon or rayon blends to give comfort next to your skin. Luxury to Fast Fashion brands everyone has them on their racks in-store or online.

Where and how to wear: Absolutely no need to head to tropics to sport the Hawaiian shirt…its an amazing alternate to your Polo t-shirt and Chinos (or flat front trouser) look. Just know how to pair them well from this Pinterest inspiration board and wear them to any casual set-up or weekend get-away.


Wearing a Henley under-neath… leaving the shirt open with cargos can be a cool way too…but to stand out wear it button down and pair it with a bright pair of socks and sneakers or loafer. Throwing a jacket on top will make you look classier.

Word of caution: If you have a short-rounded body frame skip the trend. If you must wear it, pick very fine / small sized prints.


#2 |  Convertible or the fold down shoe

Yes! you read it right…from convertible cars we are now down to shoes;-)…an all that for your comfort our beloved men!

The shoe that folds down at the back is in rage for both men and women. Both for its comfort and style this shoe style is definitely here to outlive the season.

The mass market producers may still be behind schedule on this one but if you are a leader and not follower…keep your eyes open next time you spend your time and money on retail therapy. They are out there…you just have to find your pair! Zara definitely has the foldable shoe and so does Fendi.

summer 2017 menswear trends, imforstyle, convertible shoes, menswear, men style, shoes, trends 2017, Loafers, sneakers, espadrilles… all comfort style in men shoes are opening up to this trend and providing the one shoe-two ways to wear option.

What we think: Because everyone knows how lazy most of you men are…the convertible or hybrid-no fuss shoe was inevitable for your laid-back weekends!

#3 | Yellow 

Optimistic, High on Energy…’ yellow’ is the color the world is going after right now! A snap shot of runways (Hermès, Alexender McQueen and the likes…) for Spring/ Summer 2017 reveals the prominence of the color in mens wardrobe. From Yellow sunnies to sneakers the color is adding the zing this summer.

yellow, menswear 2017, men style, imforstyle, trends,

Summer 2017 Menswear Trend: It was all Yellow!

Add on to this trend with a bit of I’m for Style advise…go with a light stubble with your yellow sunnies or add on to the zing by wearing a contrasting pair of socks with your yellow sneakers.

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The only word of caution if you are the classic type of guy…play minimalist with not over doing the color.

men, style, inspiration, quotes, “If you’re going to play with color, start with one. If you’re wearing yellow, everything else should be navy and grey.” -Nick Wooster

“If you’re going to play with color, start with one. If you’re wearing yellow, everything else should be navy and grey.” -Nick Wooster

And in case you have one of these beauties…forget everything else 😉 You have won the style war already!!!

summer 2017 menswear trends, imforstyle, menstyle, beetle, yellow, color 2017, gentlemangoals, style, trends, 2017 summer

Beetle in Yellow, spotted at an island in Asia…speaking for itself!

Yellow also has scientifically proven benefits as it helps you think with clarity and helps creative thoughts flow. So from sun-kissed to Golden Yellow wear your sunshine!

On your next weekend shopping spree do look-out for these summer 2017 menswear trends and pick up something that’s in fashion and adds to your style quotient. Go button down with the Hawaiian Shirt or flirt with the little color or invest in something more comfortable for your feet!

Love, Aanchal


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