An ode to the Indian Women!

India is a land of rich textile heritage and Indian women are the backbone of this tradition rich culture. From Kashmir in North to Kanyakumari in South and from Rajasthan in West to Northeast the length and breadth of India is depicted by the way women in India dress up. The change in dressing of women as you travel from one state to another is pretty fascinating!

A beautiful video that appreciates and acknowledges the proud heritage of  women in India captured our attention…it encapsulates 18 unique looks  from across India each one adorned with  the typical textiles/ handlooms and accessories from different Indian states. We feel it fits in perfectly with the occasion of International Women’s Day as we today salute the spirit of womanhood here in India and across the globe.

Video conceptualised and created by Jayeta Rohilla and Chetana Kotak

Happy Women’s Day all you beautiful girls and ladies!

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