Rules for Men: ‘Below the Belt’ Guide to Corporate Dressing

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Style for men in the corporate world has its own advantages. It makes you stand out, improves your recall and of course defines you. When you are being looked up as a role model by many peers never go wrong in pairing your accessories while dressing up for work.

What belt goes with what shoe? Which color socks should one wear with grey trousers? Which shoe to wear at work, Can I wear my Tan shoe with my black trousers? How do i tie my laces?… these everyday questions m sure haunt most of you men each morning. So to eliminate your confusion and to never let you leave home sabotaging your own image we have put together this five step process of ‘how to wear men accessories’ waist under especially for men like you who believe in style and want to never go wrong with the basics.





The color of the leather belt should always match the color of  your shoes or at least should be from the same family of colours. A brown belt will go with a tan shoe

The Buckle of the belt should be minimalistic and not stand out.

Basic style guide, style for men, dressing for men, corporate dressing, rules for men, men style



The color of the socks should be similar in shade to your trousers. Ideally they should seamlessly move the observers eye from your pants to shoes. White socks is a strict no-no when going formal.

Comfort tip: While purchasing socks for work prefer socks with labels thats say 100% cotton as cotton will absorb moisture and keep your feet allergy free.

Basic style guide, style for men, dressing for men, corporate dressing, rules for men, men style



Thumb rule here is that your shoes should match or belong to the same family of colours as your trousers.

  • Black shoes: Go best with Black | Shades of Grey and Blue
  • Brown / Tan shoes: Go best with Beige | Cream | Shades of Brown (Can’t actually image anyone wearing a green trousers to work 🙂 but yes your brown shoe will go with Military to dark Greens too). Tan being an exception goes with blues too.

Basic style guide, style for men, dressing for men, corporate dressing, rules for men, men style



By default shoes refer to ‘leather formal shoes’ when talking corporate dressing. The most popular and widely accepted shoe type for formal attires is the ‘Classic Dress Shoe’. The Classic Dress shoe has further 2 sub types- Oxford Shoe and the Derby shoe and you may opt for any of them. Another shoe that you may wear to work is the Brogue…but only choose colours such as black or dark browns when wearing with formal trousers and suits. Shoes without laces never qualify as formal wear for work.

leather shoes, brogues, oxford, derby, shoe rules, menswear



For a formal look all the way down your shoe laces should be laced in the ‘traditional bar-like’ fashion.

lace, shoes, menswear, style, fashion

So all you office goers, business men and corporate managers follow these basic rules for men styling and we are sure you will get noticed.

Let us know about your specific query and we will be happy to help!

3 thoughts on “Rules for Men: ‘Below the Belt’ Guide to Corporate Dressing

  1. BroGue is not a “style” of shoe. It is the shoRten name given to “broGuing” Which is the little holes used as detail styling on some shoes. So you can have oxford brogues or derby brogues. Brogan is the shoe name I think you were going for.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Steve!
      As far as our understanding goes (also checked via few more internet sources)…
      Brogue- is defined as an outdoor shoe with ornamental perforated patterns (this perforated pattern is referred to as ‘Broguing’) in leather, it is a shoe style which is either low-heeled or boot. As you rightly say Brogues(characterised by perforated pattern) can be either Oxford/Derby Brogues (depending on the closed and open lacing respectively).
      Brogan- on the other hand is a coarser/ heavier shoe reaching to ankle length or boot like.

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