Now Women want to wear your fragrance! Men inspired STASH by Sarah Jessica Parker

The scent inspired by sexy Europen Men by Sarah Jessica Parker- STASH!!!

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STASH by SJP | Pic

How men on the Eurorail inspired SJP to create Stash:

“Can you smell like, all the smoke? All the dark wood and body odor. It’s old and sexy, like a sweater from a guy who was on the Eurorail too long or something. Do you know what I mean?

“I knew that I wanted a teeny bit of cognac, a teeny bit of leather, a teeny bit of body odor. We started working on this back when Lovely came out and nobody was ready for it. They were like, ‘genderless doesn’t work, there’s nothing like that on the market’—and then I watched it happen. So I started working on [Stash] with the people that I worked on with Lovely and they sorted it out. I really wanted it to smell personal, that it could be adaptable, which is a very hard thing for fragrance. Fragrance tends to be super surface-y and it can wear you… and then someone hugs you and then you smell like them.

“Now that I have enough of this, and not just samples, it’s all I’ve been wearing, I kid you not.”

Official Launch of Stash: Aug 28, 2016 |Sunday

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Sounds interesting! Share your reviews if you get your hands on Stash.


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