SMART TRAVEL COMPANION! Never loose your luggage again…

Samsonite introduces Track&Go™, a reliable solution using Google’s new Eddystone-EID, to securely locate lost luggage.

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Samsonite introduces ‘Track & Go’ your Smart-Tech friendly travel companion which you can track on the go. The latest from world’s leading luggage brand ‘Samsonite’, is a Smart solution. a sophisticated beacon device that can be built into Samsonite suitcases, allowing a case to be easily and privately tracked by its owner. The Bluetooth beacon will use Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs), an open privacy/security protocol by Google says Samsonite in a recent press release.

When to expect the ‘Track & Go’ luggage for consumer use: 

Samsonite aims to launch the first suitcases featuring the Track&Go solution in the European market at the end of 2016, followed by other international markets. Furthermore, given the potential of this solution, Track&Go might be extended to a broader range of business and travel bags in 2017.

Price point:

As per Samsonite the range will be competitively priced for it to become a real solution for travellers worldwide.

How this technology works:

Reducing travel stress using a strong community network the Bluetooth beacon will be built into the Track&Go suitcase. It has to be registered by the owner through the Travlr by Samsonite app. The Track&Go feature will soon be built into the app allowing users to easily check the location of the suitcase within a distance of 70 meters, and also be notified if it is being moved closer or further away from the user. Should the suitcase go missing, the owner can easily flag it as lost in the app. Once flagged as ‘lost’, the Travlr by Samsonite app leverages its user base to help the suitcase’s owner find it. Should anyone else, using the Travlr by Samsonite app, pass within 70 meters of the lost suitcase, an EID-based signal is picked up. This triggers a notification with location and time details of the suitcase to be sent out to the owner. Both the tracking and notification process take place at no additional cost for the users. The larger the community, the higher the chances of retrieving a lost suitcase!

So, to be better safe than sorry… This sure is going to be my travel buddy!

Source: Samsonite Press Release

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