Stanley Tucci hosts the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2016 in a Hugo Boss

STANLEY TUCCI on well-fitted three-piece suit for that extra edge.

 “A well-tailored suit is to women, as lingerie is to men”! A statement that resonates the importance of wearing well crafted, made-to-measure clothing for that extra edge. In this era of Ready-to-wear#BespokeTailoring #Menswear #Menforproperfits #CustomTailoring still hold true value!


Watch on actor Stanley Tucci as he gets ready to be adorned in his Hugo Boss for the evening and convinces us on the above theory.

When: September 6, 2016

Where:Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern, London

Excerpts from GQ article:

The adopted Brit (well, we have definitely adopted the upstate New Yorker as one of our own) is in Hugo Boss ordering his evening suit for the occasion – and coincidentally having a final fitting of his latest suit (a rather cool three piece in steel blue).

“Hugo Boss makes the sort of clothes I have always coveted,” he explains. “When I was younger and moved to New York City they started dressing me – mainly because I wasn’t able to dress myself. It’s beautiful classic stuff so for the past 28 years or so I’ve been wearing Boss.”

Tucci describes his style as classic. “I like wearing a suit just to wear a suit – it doesn’t have to be a special occasion.” He admits that of late he has been a big fan of the three-piece suit.

“It’s a great experience even having done it for nearly 30 years. And in show business you’re fitted all the time so it comes naturally. When you work with a great tailor, you work with a great designer it’s really a wonderful collaboration. And I’m an easy client, I’m easy, I’m easy; picky but easy.”

When asked if he opens his wardrobe to find 50 identical three piece suits he insists he likes to experiment. “I mix it up a little but the colour palette is pretty consistent – grey, blue, grey blue, though sometimes I will go as far as a blue grey.”

The news above is taken from GQ

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