Guide to 6 popular Checks in Style: Keep a Check!

I’m for Style shares ‘STYLE IN SERIES’

Keep a Check!

….your guide to 6 popular Checks in Style.

Style in Series by I'm for Style

‘Style in Series’ by I’m for Style

Be it any season,  fabrics and apparels in ‘Checks’ never go out of fashion. Largely seen dominating Mens Fashion these fabrics are available in various patterns  with each one having its distinct origin and look (play of weaves).  I’m for Style helps you decode your ‘Check’.

#1. Gingham Checks:

Ginghams are Cool, Casual & Summery. They look good on both Men & Women

Ginghams are Cool, Casual & Summery. They look good on both Men & Women

Country of Origin: Roots in Asia, became popular in Mid 80s in Manchester, England

Key Characteristic: Simple Check pattern in white and a bold colour

Usually made in: Cotton and Cotton Blends

Largely used for: Shirts | Dresses | Curtains

Interesting facts about Gingham

Dorothy’s iconic ‘Blue and White Gingham Check dress’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ got auctioned recently for $1.56m. (Dorothy Gale image credit)

Dorothy’s iconic ‘Blue and White Gingham Check dress’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ got auctioned recently for $1.56m. (Photo credit)


Indian Gingham to Centrestage

In India the gingham cloth was traditionally known as ‘Gamcha’ (cotton stole), popularly sported by locals in states like Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It has come a long way from localities to Runways and has seen many fashionable twists in Indian Fashion Weeks.

Designers in India bringing Indian Gingham-'GAMCHA' to centerstage.

Designers in India bringing Indian Gingham-‘GAMCHA’ to centerstage. (Photo Credit)

Coming up tomorrow another Chic Check which you can style this winter.


# 2. Houndstooth

Kim Kardashian in Houndstooth Dress |Formal Blazer for a corporate look

Kim Kardashian in Houndstooth Dress |Formal Blazer for a corporate look Photo source: Scabal fabrics

Country of Origin: Scotland

Key Characteristics: A large check pattern with notched corners suggestive of a canine tooth. It is a duotone textile pattern, often in black and white although other colours may also be used

Usually made in: Cotton | Wool & Wool Blends

Largely used for:  Dresses, Jackets and suits, headwear, scarves | Furnishing fabrics

Where to begin…

Head out in Style!

Head out in Style!

Add the popular Sherlock Holmes Cap or any winter cap that suits your skull and Head out in style!

The next in series is a Check that is apt for Women in Summers and Men in Winters…keep checking I’m for Style:-)


#3. Window Pane Check:

Style in series: Window pane Checks

Style in series: Window pane Checks

Far from boring or monotonous, the fashionable ‘WindowPane Check’ is smart and interesting. The subtle feel of the fabric with this check translates Suavity and Sophistication. Once a popular pattern, it fell dormant in the fashion scene for some time but is now back with a  vengeance.

Country of Origin: Scotland

Key Characteristics: Stripes cross to form a pattern resembling panes on a window.

Usually made in: Cotton | Wool & Wool Blends (for Suits) & Cotton and Synthetic blends (for shirts & dresses)

Largely used for:  Men Suits and formal Shirts | Women Dresses

Ways to Power dress with this Check:

Vikram Raizada, senior retail & Luxury Professional, India Prower Dressed in a Windowpane Check Suit @GQIndia event

Vikram Raizada, senior retail & Luxury Professional, India Power Dressed in a Windowpane Check Suit @GQIndia event

Style decoded: Vikram wears a ‘window pane’ check suit with a ‘gingham’ check Formal Shirt. Accessorizes it with a diagonal striped tie and check pocket square keeping the tone muted with Grey, white and black. (PC: GQ India | Graphic: I’m for Style)

Will Smith! This man never goes wrong...

Will Smith! This man never goes wrong…(PC:A Suit that Fits | Graphic: I’m for Style)

Style decoded: A pro at power dressing…Will Smith always makes a mark with his dressing. Another way to Style up your subtle checks is by wearing a solid coloured waistcoat and tie with a striped Shirt.

Women don’t feel left out🙂 ‘windowpane’ check is available for you in even greater variety. Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers and Jackets you’ll find them every where. Wear it with a solid coloured coordinate or go all over with it.

Play them right girls!

Play them right girls! (PC: | Graphic:I’m for style)

Stay tuned for the next check in the series rolling out tomorrow… keep following #imforstyle for your daily dose of style.


#4. TartanCheck:

cover image- imforstyle

Worn by Regal and adorned for the Redcarpet, the tartan checks breathe royalty. The check portrays luxury with practicality. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is quite often captured wearing the Scottish check which is a symbol of national pride. (Also check Leonardo di caprio at ‘wolf of wall street’ premier)

Royal Roots

Royal Roots

More evidence to confirm they express luxury….

The iconic Burberry Check

The iconic Burberry check.

The Burberry Check Story:  The signature tartan check pattern was developed in 1920s and was initially used as lining in its Trench coats. It was later relaunched  in its world famous beige check avatar and is today believed to be the most widely copied trademarks.

Scottish to its roots the check is now popular in multiple pieces of adornment such as ties, pocket squares, socks, gloves and even umbrellas apart from the basic coats, shirts and skirts. 

Tartan Overload! Please go for 1 at a time:-)

Tartan Overload! Please go for 1 at a time:-)

Country of Origin: Scotland

Key Characteristic: Consists of numerous vertical and horizontal lines in multiple colours which cut each other to I numerous different sized squares. Tartan is often called ‘plaid’ in North America.

Usually made in: Wool or wool blend or cotton & wool blends

Largely used for: Most commonly found on Scottish kilts, Shirts, Flannel Shirts, Jackets, Suits and Coats

Hot pick this season are the flannel shirts in tartan checks for both men and women (More on Flannel plaids). Take a cue from David Beckham…

David Beckham in Tartan Check shirt with Malala Yousafzai

David Beckham in flannel tartan check shirt with Malala Yousafzai

Step out in Style each day and keep us close for more on style.


#5 Glen Check

Prince of Checks- Glen

Prince of Checks- Glen

The world leader in menswear from the Glenurquhart valley in Scotland this check gives the formal wardrobe an extra edge.

Kind of Checks... Men Essentials!

King of Checks… Men Essentials!

Country of Origin: Scotland (Know More)

Key Characteristics: Also known as ‘Prince of Wales Check’ or ‘Glenurquhart check’ is a woollen fabric with small and large checks. Usually made of muted colours, particularly with two dark and two light stripes alternate with four dark and four light stripes which creates a crossing pattern of irregular checks. Part of its pattern is houndstooth check.

Usually made in: Wool or wool blend or cotton & wool blends

Largely used for:  Jackets, Suits, Blazers and Coats | Shirts and Dresses

Hugo Boss-Glen plaid Blazer

Hugo Boss-Glen plaid Blazer

The Specialists: Hugo Boss | Brooks Brothers


#6 Madras Check

Indian Madras Check

Indian Madras Check

Last in the list of world famous checks is the Indian ‘madras check’. Casual and colourful the check is produced by handlooms in lightweight cottons. Its widely seen in the streets of southern India where the fabric is worn as a shirt or lungi. An original ‘Madras check’ fabric is ‘guaranteed to bleed’ and this characteristic is what made it popular in the west. 

Country of Origin: Chennai, India

Key Characteristics: Its a pattern of colorful checks and stripes. A plaid  design consisting of different colored stripes that cross each other to form uneven checks

Usually made in: Cotton for summer clothing

Largely used for:  Casual Shirts, Shorts, Dresses. Now seen in Ties & Blazers too.

Not too highly recommended if looking for suavity…incase you like it go for the check wear it as a casual shirt or tie (eBay) or pocket square.

Concluding this ‘Style in Series‘ on Checks we leave you with few Check points… for you to step out in style each day.

Check points:

As a standard rule wide checks make your body look more angular and outspread whereas the opposite is true for fine checks in fine fabrics. Wide checks in heavy fabrics are best for outerwear (Winter Coats)

MEN & WOMEN FORMALS: When selecting check fabrics for Suits go for patterns like Glen or Houndstooth as they are Classic and add a sharp style to your persona.

MEN & WOMEN CASUALS: Go for Tartan, Gingham and Window pane checks in Shirts, Jackets, Scarves, Skirts and Dresses to bring out your casual and sporty side.

Hope you liked this series. Do share your inputs below or @


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