As the Athleisure clothing trend becomes widely accepted in casual wear…the formal wear too is taking the cue to bring in fashion at work that’s practical and comfortable. Rolled out somewhere in the Summer of 2014 the short suit is slowly and steadily establishing its place in the men’s wardrobe as a piece that expresses an opportunity to stand out in a crowd and blends causality with formality.

Where to wear:

In the new age, Creative work spaces that lend more flexibility for stylish dress codes. However,avoid them for very formal meetings and in a crowd that won’t understand the fashion forwardness. You can most definitely beat the heat with this cool chic look at the business. Also, ‘The Short Suit’ may be worn to a summer luncheon or afternoon beach parties while opting for pastel or light floral prints in the latter case.

Style Inspiration: How to wear a short suit?

Pharrell Williams many months back brought TSS into the fashion scene…at that time he may have been referred as a fashion iconoclast but soon…he surely scored many browny points for his style sense. 

Check out the Pinterest Board for the looks Pharrell Williams has carried and more style inspiration on how to wear the ‘Short Suit’.




Style tips to follow for this style

Length of the Shorts: Just above knee level or bang-on knee level

Body Type: Best suited for Men with tall, lean frames… others keep away.

Shoes that go with TSS: Pair the ‘Short Suit’ with a pair of moccasins, sneakers or lace-ups. Give the socks a miss.

Want to add more Jazz: Wear a solid color ‘short suit’ with a plain, check or striped slim fit shirt and jazz up the look with a bow and a hat!

Colors: Let the Short Suit do the talking! keep the colors neutral do not go all loud with them.

More Inspiration:


If you are born smart…which some of you surely are and want to experiment this style go ahead and flaunt your style and show off those dandy legs!

Do share your looks with us and let us know what more you wanna know about.

Love, Aanchal

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