Your next style statement…’Man Perms’: Trend alert!

Love it or hate it…but you cant miss it!!!

Kit Harington is the man of the moment with his return on Game of Thrones and now dictating the latest in men hairstyle trends.  Yes, his luscious…to die for curls…the ‘Man Perm’ is absolutely trending and catching the eye of style-wise men. What are you waiting for?

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Kit Harington’s pic source: wikipedia

The curls / perms once a girly thing is quickly becoming a man’s best bet when experimenting with the natural texture of their hair and even indulging in textured services while having straight hanging lengths.

So whats your take on the ‘Man Perms’…Yay or Nay? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Are #merms (man perms) the next hair trend for men? What do u think….share ur predictions!



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