SUITSY!!! Men…i bet u do not know what’s that!

 Onesie for Business Men!
A fusion between a Men’s executive suit and a Onesie…sounds interesting? For sure it is! Read on…

SUITSY is a ‘Business Suit Onesie’ as referred by the creator Jesse Herzog from Bay area, San Francisco. It is a crowd sourced project wherein the designer has kept in mind the casual /easy to wear dress mood of the Silicon Valley entrepreneur and techie  and applied product design to come out with a professional looking yet down right comfortable SUITSY.  Thank god for innovation and design thinking in the Men Fashion industry is still alive!

Key Features:

The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants — like the lovechild of a business suit and a onesie! False shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn underneath. A zipper is hidden behind the shirt-button placket (with false buttons). So, a suitsy gives you a chance to say goodbye to a 3-piece and say hello to a Onesie.

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Check out the demo and what Jesse Herzog has to say about this formal piece of clothing for the Silicon Valley brains. He also tells you how to go to the bathroom if you are wearing a SUITSY!

Where to get it and what it costs:

The Suitsy is available at Betabrand and costs about $378 with option to pay in monthly instalments. It is available in S, M, L, Medium & Large Tall sizes.

This one is a cute video  of the creator saying nothing and saying everything about the silicon valley culture and clothing 😉

Our Take:

Though the Suitsy  is available in variety of sizes it will be best suited for a more leisurely gentleman who is interested in wearing a suit rather than its fit. So, if you are someone  who prefers the ‘Brit fit’ you may want to stick to your bespoke style.

Do share your thoughts on this innovative suit concept!

Love, Aanchal

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