How to Dress Best for an Interview

Men Style guide to Dress up right for an interview

A job interview is an important meeting wherein you and the interviewer either know each other distantly or are hardly familiar. In few initial minutes or seconds the person/ panel  you are about to meet will form an  opinion sub-consciously by the way you present yourself. Studies convey clothing acts as an important means of communication and your clothing has a definite first impression on the viewer. A large part of your overall persona is visually transcribed in first few seconds, to an observer. So as you are  in for one of the most important meetings that can shape your career path it is imperative you give due attention to your attire and grooming before entering the judgment zone.

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Clothing acts as an important means of communication & your clothing has a definite first impression on the viewer!


  • What to wear:

    • Wear what describes you: Choose an outfit that best describes you for the profile you are about to give an interview.
    • Dress- up according to the industry: Marry the outfit that best describes you with the industry you are giving your interview for.
    • Fresh and properly ironed: Never even think of hopping on to an interview with crumpled / non-ironed, sweaty, smelly clothing on you.

    How to dress best for an Interview,, imforstyle, aanchal, men style blog, men style, how to dress for interview, interview dressing, men style

    Basic Styling Tips:

  • Basics if you are heading for a multinational client facing corporate role:A formal single breasted suit with preferably white or blue solid shirt. Patterned or solid corporate looking tie (please avoid bright flashy colors). If venturing with pocket square as part of the ensemble stick to the square fold. Polished Oxford or Brogue shoes with closed lacing. For more on corporate get up…Check out these below the belt rules to make a sound formal beginning.
  • Basics if heading for creative-advertising-marketing kind of roles:Though you can paint your own canvas here with your style wisdom if unsure of the office set-up go with these basics for a more creative attire. A casual blazer along with flat front khaki’s or chinos ( even dark denims may work for certain organisations) paired up with a solid or patterned shirt.  Your feet can wear dress shoes | casual tan brogues | Leather Moccasins. An extra edge can be added with a chic leather duffle or a simple leather portfolio bag and a pocket square neatly folded.Disclaimer: You can never go wrong with a Power suit!
  • Let the ‘FIT’ do its bit:

    This one is a rule for any situation! Whenever you want to feel suave, elegant and confident never compromise on the fit. It is important for an interview that your key quality traits such as ‘hard-work’, ‘determination’, ‘problem-solving attitude’ etc. are conveyed even in your visual persona so that the observer relates positively to the words that come out of your mouth. Please take note well- fitted clothes do not mean body hugging.

    Wear clothes that fit you perfectly on the collar, shoulders, sleeves, chest, crotch. Pay attention to the length of the sleeves and trousers. All parts of the clothing should drape perfectly on your body frame. They should have extra room for body movements and should not make you feel uncomfortable-tight-breathless when you sit or fold any of your body parts.

  • Groom Well:

    Clean-Shaven or Bearded-Sartorial whatever look you are carrying…the good news is that both are acceptable in the current experimental-entrepreneurial  environment. However, the cue is to be spic and span and presentable with a  neat look.

    • Clean-shaven look- Freshly shave-off before the interview and put on a light moisturiser or aftershave to give your face a soft supple non-dry look.
    • Bearded sartorial- Trim| Shape | Set your beard properly before the important day. The aim is to look classy, chic, smart and tidy.

        Disclaimer: Watch out for dress codes from very conventional organisations as they may be intolerant to any facial hair on men. No sideburns, whiskers or goatees even.


  • Avoid over dressing for an interview especially for formal set-ups.
  • Do not use very strong perfume. Use a fragrance that merges into one that is an overkill and many for evenings.
  • Do not over accessorise with man-bracelets, finger rings, and chains. Instead, wear a classic watch to exude sophistication.
    “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” -Coco Chanel
  • Avoid bright colors for the first meeting. Choose more neutral and formal colors like blues, greys, browns, beiges till you are not fully aware of the culture of your future work den.

How to dress best for an Interview,, imforstyle, aanchal, men style blog, men style, how to dress for interview, interview dressing, men style

So, now that you know how to dress best for an interview….all the best for your important day.

Shake the hand well and wear your style and smile well.

All the best!

Love, Aanchal

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